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Aug 31

SPMA Cross Country

IMG_1758 Congratulations to the SPMA Cross Country team!  The team, led by Coach Ben and Coach Kelly, have been hard at work.  Though they had a long wait in the heat this afternoon, 5 runners completed the 5K course in under 30 minutes.

Kudos to Bobby Gossett, Ellie Gossett, Jeep Patrick, Logan Tomlinson, and Sophie Tomlinson for competing.

IMG_1764  IMG_1763  IMG_1765  IMG_1769IMG_1767

They were joined by their teammates, Anna Armistead, Joey Baird, Tevi Mullen, and Colton Roberts, who cheered them on!  We look forward to all 9 running together soon!  The race schedule will be posted next week so that everyone can come out to see the team work on their PERSONAL BESTS!

If your Upper School student is interested in joining Cross Country (3rd and up) or Running Club, please direct your inquiries to Coach Ben: benkozik [at] spma[dot]com

Aug 30

Mid-week News


We hope that everyone has had a chance to meet Señora Bibi by now!  She has been a bright addition to morning carpool and will begin Spanish lessons next week.  Señora will be sending home information about her classes and words/phrases for practice.  Stay tuned!


We are expecting a lot of rain and wind at the end of the week, and you know what that means for our area… flooding and downed trees!  Be sure to leave extra travel time in the morning and afternoons for arrival and dismissal.  We will send out information about road closures (if any) that may hinder driving.  Expect longer carpool lines as we load students under the awning when raining heavily.  If you are in a rush, arrive early and park.  Do not go around the carpool line into the opposing lane of traffic.  We appreciate your support and patience.


Our uniform table will be put away at the end of the week.  We will only keep a fraction of each size in the lobby showcase, so be sure to help yourself.  If you have uniforms to share, please send them in.  Thank you to everyone who donated outgrown uniforms.  They have been appreciated by all!

Aug 26

News for Week 3!


The first Sweet Feet class begins on September 6!  This is an opportunity for our young students to work with the great coaches from Storm Academy.  Contact Mrs. Harris to complete registration.  chrisharris [at] spma[dot]com


Suzuki Piano and Violin lesson times were sent home this week.  First classes begin next week, including the Pre-Twinkle class!  Guitar lesson times will be posted shortly.  To inquire about a class, contact Mrs. Thomas. Wait lists will be starting.


We are so happy to see our students arriving on time!  Arriving on time means that each student can start his/her day “on the right foot.”  This includes feeling relaxed and not rushed, participating in independent steps of his/her morning routine, having limited distractions when beginning work, and being able to maximize time in the classroom.  Some enrichment classes begin in the morning- don’t miss out!

Upper School: 8:00-8:15 am arrival        Lower School: 8:15-8:30 am arrival

Aug 24

Meet your PTO Executive Board!


Thank you to following parents for leading our new Parent Teacher Organization:

Mackenzie Strauss- PRESIDENT email: ptopresident [at] spma[dot]com

Tiffany Ruwadi- VICE PRESIDENT (EVENTS) email: ptovp_events [at] spma[dot]com

Meghan Greene- VICE PRESIDENT (MEMBERSHIP) email: ptovp_membership [at] spma[dot]com

Erin McMackin- TREASURER email: ptotreasurer [at] spma[dot]com

Whitney Hughes- SECRETARY email: ptosecretary [at] spma[dot]com

The Executive Board will be meeting to outline their roles and announce upcoming meeting dates.  If you were unable to attend the first interest meeting, please email pto [at] spma[dot]com.  This central address will forward all incoming emails to each executive board member.  Be on the lookout for more information!

Aug 23

Driving Safety, Weather, & PTO


Please slow down on Fox Grape Road!  Some cars are driving too quickly on our road and parking lot.  Be aware of the curving lane, students walking, and carpool lines.  Pulling around the carpool lines is dangerous and needs to be avoided.  If you are in a rush, you must arrive before carpool for an early dismissal.  During carpool, note the 3 pick-up “stops.”  Pull up to each and be aware of your surroundings.  No cell phones, please!  We appreciate your help in maintaining our safe environment.


We are tracking the Atlantic storms and will keep you posted of possible delays or closings.  All clear so far!  Be sure to follow UPDATES and WEATHER for current information.


We are still looking for a Vice President of Events!  If you are interested or would like to nominate someone else, please contact Melinda!  We are excited for the first PTO Executive Board to meet, and the VP of Events will be playing a crucial role.  Thank you! Email: melindacotter [at] spma[dot]com

Aug 21

PTO Executive Board Interest?


As we prepare for the first official PTO Meeting at SPMA, the following SPMA parents were nominated for a possible Executive Board position.  We are continuing to accept nominations through Wednesday, August 24.  Please send all nominations or requests for additional information to melindacotter [at] spma[dot]com.

The following are current nominees:

President: Mackenzie Strauss


VP-Membership: Meghan Greene

Treasurer: Erin McMackin

Secretary: Whitney Hughes

Any voting will be held this Thursday and the Executive Board will be announced by Friday, August 26.  Thank you for your support in this new Parent Teacher Organization!  We look forward to all of the fun times ahead!

Aug 20

PTO Interest Group – CHECK!

We had a wonderful PTO Interest Meeting!  Thank you to everyone who offered new ideas, feedback, and arrived with a lot of energy!

In the upcoming week, we will be sending out Friday’s meeting minutes to the entire school community as we prepare for the next meeting.  In the meantime, feel free to express your interest by emailing Melinda, Head of School.

melindacotter [at] spma [dot] com


Aug 18

New Parent Teacher Organization!

Please join our Parent Meeting (Friday! 8/19) at 8:30 am in the lobby.  We have officially changed from SPMA Booster Club to SPMA PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)!

Needed: Officers, Event Ideas, Event Chairs, New Ideas & Lots of ENERGY!!

Help us make this a great year as we work with the teachers to create a great SPMA unit, raise money for our school and students, and plan fun things to do!


Aug 16

Save the Date!

Back to School Night will take place this Thursday from 5-6 pm.  Crew students should be picked up no later than 5 pm.  Join us in the lobby for a brief greeting and introduction before moving to classrooms.

Thank you for helping us reach a 95% on-time arrival for our first full day of school.  Let’s keep it up!


Aug 16

Welcome Back!

IMG_1519We look forward to greeting new and returning students.

2016-2017 Arrival Times:

Upper School (1st – 8th grade) 8:00-8:15 am

Lower School (Toddler – Kindergarten) 8:15-8:30 am

All students are ‘tardy’ after 8:30 am.

Please call the main office for absences and questions.  843-785-2534IMG_1519