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Aug 26

Cross Country’s First Meet Tomorrow!

Come and support our Gators at their first Cross Country meet of the season on Tuesday, August 26th at Pinckney Colony Race Site! Runners will get underway promptly at 5 pm. The address is 1 Hay Field Road Okatie, SC 29909. GO GATORS!

Please support and follow our Gators on its separate website and Instagram.


REMINDER: School is closed Monday, September 2nd for Labor Day!

Aug 16

Week 1 flew by!

It’s hard to believe that week 1 is already under our belts!  It was SUCH a wonderful week, too!

By now, you should have received a newsletter from your child’s teacher(s).  If you didn’t, please email the class-name at email address (example: to reach Mrs. Schilling and Mrs. Stroh) to be added to their distribution.

We really appreciate everyone’s patience with 3:00 carpool. We are starting promptly at 2:55 in order to service all vehicles by 3:15.  Please continue to pay attention to students crossing the parking lot, adults and children walking under the portico, and cars in front and behind you. Do not pull out of carpool lane and drive on the left hand side.  If you need to park, you must wait until you are parallel to the desired space.  We know it’s not ideal, but at least it’s the safe choice!

The Annual Fund and PTO Membership pledges are rolling in!!! Don’t forget that 100% participation is our #1 goal.  I was excited to match the first $2500 in Annual Fund donations.  Thank you to everyone who has committed thus far.  All current donors, except those who requested to stay anonymous, will be thanked at the end of each month. Join us by pledging today!  The PTO also will be adding SPMA SuperSTARS to their heart wall in the hallway.  These stars represent all of the current PTO members at school.  Have you returned your PTO Membership Form?

By summer’s end, we were able to do the following with Annual Fund and PTO donations: purchase 6 new Macs for the teachers, re-do the art studio creating a new Middle School space (check it out!), turn the old Middle School room into an Upper School art studio, replace Light Green room’s shelves, add new security cameras around grounds, power wash all playgrounds and porches, install new playground mulch, cut and trim playground live oaks, support teacher professional development, give teachers baskets full of their wish list items, and purchase 20 new Chromebooks for the students!

Thank you for your continued support!  If you have any questions or want to provide feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me or stop by the office.

See you on Monday!


Head of School

The GATORS store is still open through the morning of Friday, August 23.  When you purchase spirit wear, the SPMA Athletics earns credits towards uniforms, plaques, and other merchandise.  Wear your SPMA and Gators gear throughout the year and stay tuned for exciting news from the Athletics Department!  Hint Hint: “Hey hey, you know what to do!  You gotta rock with the green and roll with the blue!”  SHOP:

There are still a few spaces remaining in the “Pre-Twinkle Suzuki Class” where the students will learn skills that will lead to playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, the cornerstone song of the Suzuki approach, on the violin or piano in their second year.  If you’re interested in registering your 1st year primary student, please contact Mrs. Morgan in the office.  (

Aug 16

Photography Survey

Hello SPMA Families! We have loved capturing images of your children, and we want to make sure that we are providing the best service possible for you!
We would very much appreciate you taking a moment to complete this brief 4 question survey about photography at SPMA. We would love to hear what you value and what you would like to see offered! Thank you!
Click here to be taken to the survey.
She and He Photography
Aug 10

Housekeeping Message from the Head of School

Dear Parents,

We were so happy to see so many of you at Back to School Night!  If you missed it, please contact the teachers to receive any specific classroom information that was shared.  Reminder, Monday is an Orientation Day for students who are new to their classroom.  The day ends at 1:00 and we will host carpool beginning at 12:55.  Students should pack a lunch and bring a full, reusable water bottle!  Label everything!  Upper school students should also bring a snack.

School for all students will resume on Tuesday under normal operating hours.

I am reposting the following housekeeping items:

  • Subscribe to emails via the website. This is the only way to receive EVERY piece of communication.  Go to  Look at the bottom of the home page. Click, “Subscribe to SPMA News by Email.”  Enter your email address, and then confirm your subscription in the automatically generated email that you receive in your inbox.
  • Call and/or email the office to report absences and illnesses. marielorenzo@spma.comand 785-2534
  • Share communicable disease diagnoses with the office and teachers so that notices can be made to families. This aids us in preventing the spread of illnesses. Adhere to the school wellness policy.
  • Turn in your enrollment forms. They are due on Monday!
  • Uniforms should be worn Monday-Thursday in Primary through Middle School. Be sure to visit the uniform swap table in the lobby- currently accepting more gently worn, clean pieces!
  • Please stay in your vehicle during carpool unless you are requested by a staff member to help with your child(ren). Drive slowly in the parking lot.  Stay off cell phones.  It is safer for fewer people to be navigating the vehicles and creates consistency in our carpool routine.  Feel free to park and walk in if you are not comfortable. When walking up to the foyer during carpool, use the ramp.  Avoid the stairs.
  • Arriving on time is key!   Note, all classroom interior doors will lock after morning arrival.  Anyone arriving tardy will have to check in with the office and wait for an administrator to call down to the classroom.
  • Dismissal times are 12:55-1:15 pm and 2:55-3:15 pm.  We offer carpool at these times only. Please stop at both STOP signs. Do not block the thru traffic of exiting parents as you pull up for carpool.  Unless raining, we service three cars, beginning at the STOP sign. Anyone arriving after those carpool times end will receive a late assessment.  

Feel free to find me in the lobby each morning, and again in the office each afternoon for ANYTHING.  The office, 843-785-2534, can also schedule personal appointments throughout the week. Additionally, you may reach me at Have a wonderful weekend!



Head of School

P.S. We anticipate tears during the course of the next two weeks AND it is okay!  We promise to call you if your child continues to be upset during the course of the morning.  We want the school experience to be a positive one for the whole family.

Aug 06

Forms and Back to School Night

REMINDER: Back to school night is this Thursday and will begin promptly at 5pm!

(For parents only, no children please)

Don’t forget to bring your forms! If you have lost your forms or need a new one, here is a link:

2019-2020 School Forms

You can also email these forms to

Printer friendly 2019-2020 School Calendar


Remaining office hours this week:
Tuesday & Wednesday: 8-3pm
Thursday: 8-5pm
Friday: 8-12pm