Why Montessori Education

The future of education. The oldest students help the youngest students. Peer to peer education. A proven system of education for over 100 years. 

" ...every other education method is based on an abstract model of the child and then derives educational models from that. Maria Montessori, a doctor and researcher, went the other way around: she experimented with methods and, based on the results, built up a theory of the child, which she then tested and refined through experiment."
Pascal-Emmanuel Gorby, Forbes

Fostering Your Child's Love of Learning

We know differently. This video explains why an accredited Montessori environment helps children thrive, in school and life. No threats of pop quizzes, homework, or tests needed. (Don't worry, students perform grade levels above "traditional" students.)  

Standardized Testing and Test Prep are Offered Throughout the Year

Sea Pines Montessori Academy exceeds testing standards while preparing students emotionally and socially for high school and beyond.

The American Montessori Society sets high standards for qualifying as a member school. Our school is peer-reviewed, ensuring teaching principles and standards adhere to the Montessori philosophy of educating the whole child, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.

Overseen by the National Association of Independent Schools, the Southern Association of Independent Schools  accreditation demonstrates a dedication to highest standards of education and ongoing assessment and self-evaluation for continual improvement.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accreditation ensures that your child receives full credit for classes taken when transferring to high school. This rigorous certification took almost two years of assessments and applications to receive.

Certified Teachers, Musicians, Administrators and More.

Our Staff Has the Qualifications & Education That Matter to Your Child & Your Family

A Vibrant Student Life

At Sea Pines Montessori Academy, we focus on educating the whole child. From cross-country to Spanish, our students participate in fun, engaging, productive extracurriculars. Sports, games, and outdoor time help children learn.


Our group settings are exactly the right size for building confidence in your child.

How We Compare

The Sea Pines Difference

Sea Pines Montessori Academy is a private, non-profit school internationally recognized for promoting a healthy social atmosphere and recruiting stellar staff. Students consistently perform grade-levels ahead of traditionally-schooled peers. We offer an environment where students can develop the social and educational skills they need to excel in high school, college, and beyond.

  • Internationally recognized, certified teaching staff

  • Strong Extracurricular & Student Life Programs

  • Proven Educational Methods for Developing Social & Critical-Thinking Skills

By the Numbers





This information reflects performance by our Middle School students

“…when strictly implemented, Montessori education fosters social and academic skills that are equal or superior to those fostered by a pool of other types of schools.”

Dr. Angeline Lillard, Professor of Psychology

The Right School Choice

Sea Pines Montessori Academy offers a unique, challenging, and nurturing social atmosphere.


If you’re searching for a healthy, safe, and social school with rigorous academic standards, the SPMA environment could be the right fit for your child. As you explore your school options, this checklist is helpful for interviewing schools in an effort to find the best fit for your family.

The most important thing you can do when interviewing schools is to sit in the classroom. Spend 30 minutes absorbing the environment that your child will spend the next year in. Talk to the teacher and introduce yourself to the students.

We're confident your family will love all that Sea Pines Montessori Academy has to offer. ​

Your Child Will Be In Great Company

Who has a Montessori Education?

It is no strange coincidence that many of the leading minds of our time have a Montessori education. The answer is obvious. Thousands of high performing adults attended Montessori Schools.

Some Famous Montessorians