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With almost 80% of our middle school students scoring in the top 5% of national standardized tests, SPMA excels at educating children in a social, community-oriented environment.


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Admissions & Tuitions

This page contains all the information you need to learn more about Sea Pines Montessori Academy's application process and tuition. Please note financial assistance is available for those who qualify. 

Joni VanderslicePresident, J Banks Design

Socially, it was our hope that the environment at SPMA would allow our daughters to delay encounters and issues that are typical of Middle School today elsewhere, allowing them to mature in a safe setting. This paid off incredibly well as they entered Hilton Head High. The surprise that they felt in situations that seemed normal to their counterparts from other schools made them appreciate the fact that they had this time at SPMA. Academically, our girls were prepared for the work. The biggest adjustment was in having many teachers, classes, and understanding their style. It was easy for them to talk to their teachers and work through any issues, which I believe came from their experience at Montessori as well.

We are pleased with our decision to keep our daughters at SPMA through 8th grade.

What We Do Best

Social Atmosphere

A community oriented school, SPMA focuses on respect for others and a socially engaging environment. 

Educational Environment

We challenge students to challenge themselves. A spiral curriculum allows for a deeper understanding of subjects and use their natural curiosity to their advantage. 

Awareness of the World

Community outreach, fundraising, and volunteering for good causes are an important part of an SPMA student's life. 

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Tour Our Campus

Sea Pines Montessori Academy features 9 classrooms, one library, three music rooms, an art and music studio, dedicated Spanish classroom, multipurpose room, and an extensive array of authentic Montessori materials. Extending from the building is approximately one acre of outdoor play space with two playgrounds, one for Preprimary students and a larger one for the Primary and Elementary students.  There is also a beautiful outdoor green space used as a community amphiteater and sports venue.

Start the Enrollment Process

We are honored that you are interested in Sea Pines Montessori Academy for your child. The admissions process is quite simple. We encourage you to schedule a tour prior to starting your application. Call the front office at (843) 785-2534 or email to schedule a tour and classroom observation. 

SPMA Admissions Policy and Procedures

Application (may be completed after tour)

A completed application form, including the non-refundable Application Fee of $100.00, must be submitted to the office. Checks should be made payable to Sea Pines Montessori Academy (SPMA).

Applications are accepted year round, and it is to the student’s advantage to apply as soon as possible. The school has an open enrollment policy whereby students may enroll during the year if space is available. If space is not available, applications are kept on file.

Admissions Process

1. Parents/guardian complete a campus tour and classroom observation. The initial campus tour and classroom observation are best with only parents/guardian in attendance. A follow up student visit will occur where your child can explore the environment. 

2. A completed application and fee returned to the office.

3. A student visit with the appropriate grade level teacher.

Notification of acceptance to the school will be communicated. If any of our programs carry a wait list, parents will be made aware during the admissions process.

Sea Pines Montessori Academy Admissions Process and Tuition

Age Requirements

Age groupings are based on a child’s age on September 1, which is South Carolina's required cut-off date. Applicants to the Preprimary Program must be 12 months of age on their first day of school.

Parent Campus Tour / Observation Experience

Tours of the school campus are by appointment. Please call (843) 785-2534 to schedule your campus tour. During the tour, information is provided about the history of the school and the Montessori Method. While on the tour, we welcome questions and answers.

You will also observe a classroom after the tour. Plan for a minimum of 30 minutes (longer if you'd like!).  Seeing the students work in the classroom is truly the best part of what we do!

Student Visit

Each child will have the opportunity to tour the school as part of the admission process. The child has a “visit” as part of his or her familiarization with the school and our familiarization with the child. School personnel will take the opportunity to assess your child for school during this visit.


Families will be notified of student acceptance at the end of the admission process, or shortly thereafter. If accepted, the family will receive the necessary papers to complete the enrollment process. In January, re-enrollment forms are sent to currently enrolled students, and by mid-February vacancies for the next school year are filled from applicants in the waiting pool ready to be admitted.

Admissions is rolling throughout the school year so long as there is space in the program.


An applicant is formally admitted after the office receives the signed enrollment contract and fees. There are non-refundable Enrollment Fees and Student Fees that must accompany the enrollment contract. Additional papers are required as detailed in the enrollment forms.


Each child will attend an orientation program to become familiar with the routines of the classroom.  Parents should also become familiar with the SPMA Uniform Policy and Parent Handbook. 

For planned [extended] absences, please refer to the Attendance and Tardy Policy.  Parents should meet with their child's Upper School teachers and submit an Independent Study Form to the Head of School for approval as well.

Dr. Jocelyn EvansMiddle School Graduate Parent

As a mom I feel as if Phillip became a Montessorian the day he was born. 18 months old through 8th grade, and if I had it my way he would go to Montessori College and Life thereafter.

One of the greatest qualities that comes from a Montessori education is an inherent desire to learn. Phillip loves to learn on his own, as manifested by his reading a book a week on history, economics and political science.

The encouraging, non competitive environment engenders intellectual curiosity. Spma set him on a positive course to thrive in a public high school. He has repeatedly expressed gratitude at the myriad ways in which SPMA prepared him well by fostering his interest at a young age for the Constitution while exposing him to Model UN in middle school. He continues to participate in the Montessori Model UN in NY as a Dais, as well as the Hilton Head High School Model UN in Atlanta.

It is a joy to reflect on my days as an Spma mom. The teachers care, the parents are involved, and I miss having you guys take him out of his car seat so he can enter "THE HAPPY ZONE". Thank you for giving me an opportunity to shed light on all the "goodness" that pervades SPMA.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are used to cover the day-to-day operational expenses of the school. Approximately 85% of tuition and fees is used to pay for salaries and benefits.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

We continue to offer scholarships to those who would not otherwise be able to attend Sea Pines Montessori Academy. Our goal is to continue financial assistance for the child’s subsequent years to follow at SPMA.

If you are interested in applying for financial assistance, contact the SPMA office to obtain more information.

Applications for financial aid assistance are accepted year round.

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Questions? Please, call or email us. We're happy to provide additional information. Call (843) 785-2534 or email.



Call the front office to schedule your tour and classroom observation. Appointments may be made with the front office at (843) 785-2534.



Complete and submit your initial application and we will be in touch. (The next step will be a student visit with the appropriate grade level and teacher.)

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