Arts & Music

The Arts and Music

The Art Program offered at Sea Pines Montessori Academy covers numerous styles and genres of art. Students are exposed to a multitude of mediums, artists and art history. In keeping with the beliefs of the Montessori classroom, students are encouraged to explore the creative process and experience. 

The Preprimary students have “art studios” set up in their classroom and may choose Art freely during the morning.

The Primary students are offered art on open air art porches attached to their classrooms. Students enjoy field trip opportunities as well as art gallery and community art participation.

In the Elementary and Middle School levels, the students enjoy weekly group art instruction in the Studio of the Arts. Students also enjoy open Studio hours for individual work as well as field trips for artist and gallery exposure. Community art participation is encouraged.

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Music: Suzuki Violin & Piano

Krista SchaussRetired Teacher

The music program at SPMA is absolutely wonderful. Young children are given the opportunity to devleop music compentence by experiencing the music, "hands on". This environment allows a student to keep a beat, dance, sing with their voice, and develop confidence. 

Group Music

Students in Grade 1 and above are offered opportunities to participate in group music instruction. Lead by a gifted musician, students are able to participate in rock band during which they learn to produce beautiful music using voice, percussion, guitar and piano.

Students in Rock Band perform for the student body at times throughout the year.


Every year students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 participate in a school musical. They are involved in with all aspects of the production, including set design and construction and costume creation.

The musical provides students with the opportunity to develop their public speaking and theatrical skills.


In addition to piano and violin, students are able to pursue studies in guitar. Through small group instruction, students learn through both ear training and note reading methods.

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Arts & Music Faculty

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