Athletics Program


Students at SPMA participate in a variety of athletic programs. Almost 30% of our middle school graduates have gone on to play a varsity sport. We recognize the need for athletics and embrace school and area-wide programs and facilities. 

Athletics program sea pines montessori academy


​We are proud to participate in the following activities: Cross-country (3rd–8th grades), Basketball Club (1st-8th grades), Basketball (5th- 8th grades), Track (4th-8th grades), Volleyball (5th-8th grades), and Golf (4th-8th grades).  Visit our Athletics Page for more information on available programs and for important notes from our Athletic Director.

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The SPMA Tennis Program is in partnership with the Van Der Meer Tennis Center. The Lower and Upper Elementary student have tennis lessons once per week at the Van Der Meer center. The program runs for 10 weeks during the first semester.


The SPMA Golf Program is in partnership with The Sea Pines Resort. The Lower and Upper Elementary students have golf lessons once per week at the Ocean Course Golf Club in Sea Pines. The program runs for 10 weeks during the second semester. Students are schooled in all aspects of the game and enjoy using their skills on the course by the end of the program.  We are excited to partner with the First Tee of the Lowcountry for Golf Team practice and training.


The Primary Kindergarten (3rd Year), Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School students have Fitness class once per week. These classes are held on the SPMA campus green space and are conducted by a physical education teacher who focuses on fine and gross motor activities, coordination, and basic sports-related skill sets.


Students are offered opportunities to develop their soccer and coordination skills though the Sweet Feet Program run by Storm Soccer Academy.

We have also begun a Basketball Club, which will act as a feeder program into our JV Basketball Team.  Younger ages (1st through 4th grade) are encouraged to participate in learning these fundamentals prior to joining the team.

Primary students are also offered the opportunity to learn golf through the SNAG, Starting New At Golf program. This program is led by a Hilton Head PGA Chapter Teacher of the Year Golf Instructor.​