Mid-week News

Aug 30


We hope that everyone has had a chance to meet Señora Bibi by now!  She has been a bright addition to morning carpool and will begin Spanish lessons next week.  Señora will be sending home information about her classes and words/phrases for practice.  Stay tuned!


We are expecting a lot of rain and wind at the end of the week, and you know what that means for our area… flooding and downed trees!  Be sure to leave extra travel time in the morning and afternoons for arrival and dismissal.  We will send out information about road closures (if any) that may hinder driving.  Expect longer carpool lines as we load students under the awning when raining heavily.  If you are in a rush, arrive early and park.  Do not go around the carpool line into the opposing lane of traffic.  We appreciate your support and patience.


Our uniform table will be put away at the end of the week.  We will only keep a fraction of each size in the lobby showcase, so be sure to help yourself.  If you have uniforms to share, please send them in.  Thank you to everyone who donated outgrown uniforms.  They have been appreciated by all!