First Day!

Aug 14


Tomorrow is the first day for all students!  We cannot wait to have a full house.  We cannot stress the importance of being on time.  If you start the year making good habits, they have a better chance of sticking.

Upper School arrival: 8:00-8:15am

Lower School arrival: 8:15-8:30am

Reminders for carpool:  We service 3 cars at a time.  Please always pull up to the first stop sign.  Do not get out of the car unless we ask you for help.  It makes it more challenging to monitor who is watching the children.  If you need extra time, there are spaces to the left of the bus that are marked by the pedestrian “men” where you can pull up and take your time.  Occasionally we will also ask you to pull forward if we are having difficulty safely unloading.  Students should remain seat-belted until your vehicle stops at one of the unloaded spaces.  After you drop your child off, we encourage you to park and come in for coffee and say hello!  We are excited to catch up and get to know all of our new families!


Please turn in your music forms ASAP!  We would like to finalize a lesson schedule.  Thank you!