What a great spirit week! Final week upon us…

May 18

Thank you to all of the students, parents, and staff who participated in Spirit Week AND donated to the JDRF Coin Drive!  Beta Club is excited to announce that they counted $440.25 in donations!  Blue Room won the contest with $107.16 followed closely by Mudpuppies and Manatees.  Blue Room students will enjoy their popsicle party this week.

Field Day will take place on Tuesday, May 21 for all students who participate in fitness (JK to Middle School).  Students should arrive at school by 8:15 in their team color with socks/tennis shoes, towel, water bottle, and change of clothes in backpack.

Group 1 (8:45-10:15) Group 2 (10:30-12:00)
Red Team Eve O’Neal

Sabina Knowles

Emerson Gibbon

Alma Nadger-Gur

Danny Filip

Aiden Tillman

Kate Ruwadi

Haakon Wycoff

Sal Cirafesi

Keely McCune

Luis Sandoval

Carly Anthony

Logan Tomlinson

Ellis Adelman

Charlie Bergman

Blue Team Henry Cornetti

Adeline Alcock

Kenleigh Knight

Isabella Cornelius

Walker Benson

Rei De Freitas

Kadence Wolfe

Sam Ringer

Michael Zamfira

Milan Saxton

Annabelle Franseen

Jeep Patrick

Claire Kingsbury

Green Team Livvy Fish

Flora McMackin

Liam Schilling

Katelyn Alvarez

Henry Ringer

Philip Hardin

Caroline Risher

Quinn Bryan

Eben Vitto

Maddie LeFew

Win Van Epp

Colin Strauss

Joey Baird

Yellow Team Hattie Taylor

Ella Grace Quinn

Bill Lewallen

Andi Ruwadi

Sherlyn Sandoval

Paul Cirafesi

Michael Rodriguez

Greyson Hughes

Elizabeth Basuldua

Quinn Strauss

Jake Sheahan

Sophie Tomlinson

Christopher Nguyen

Will Bryan

Orange Team Isabelle Bryan

Beckett Russ

Georgina Bateman

Ella Grace Witman

Liam Wright

Daniel Van Epp

Daisy Cherrington-Dunton

Miller Roberts

Benjamin Wiseman

Chloe McCune

Grady Cherrington-Dunton

Merritt Risher

Nathan Moses

Dean Hightower

Purple Team Lilyana Socie

Rymer Strauss

McKenna Lookabaugh

Parker Jamison

Lucien Lynn

Dean Roberts

Grace Hardin

Logan Hughes

Carly Hightower

Mallory Krimm

Michael Ruwadi

Colton Roberts

Collan Campagna

Cooper Baroni

Joey Wiseman

Only a few yearbooks remain!  Stop by the main office or email Mrs. Harris (chrisharris@spma.com) to reserve yours now.

Thank you to all of the Preprimary students and parents for joining our SPMA family!  Reminder: Light Purple and Light Green’s last day of school is Thursday, May 23.

Join the SPMA PTO and all of our families as we squeeze in one more 50th Anniversary Celebration, island-style!  Islander’s Beach, that is.  Meet us after school at the beach on Thursday, May 23 for fun in the sun!  In case you haven’t been there before, there is a small fee for parking at Islanders! Email pto@spma.com if you have any questions!

The Bridging & Graduation Ceremony takes places this Friday, May 24 at 9:30 am.  We kindly ask that only the families and friends of bridgers attend the intimate ceremony.  

Friday, May 24 is the last day of school for Primary through Middle School.  All students will dismiss at 11:30 am.  

Don’t forget to register for Summer Camp!  Many sessions are full or filling up quickly!  Preprimary Camp 2019 & Primary & Elementary Camp 2019