Hurricane Irma update

Sep 06


Wednesday, September 6  3:30 pm

Dear Parents,

As of right now, we will be closing school at 3:00 pm [tomorrow] Thursday, September 7.  There will be 1:00 and 3:00 dismissals.  There will be NO crew or after school activities.  School will remain closed on Friday, September 8.

Though this is an “early call,” we need time to plan and prepare the classrooms.  We had a vast amount of damage last year from Hurricane Matthew, which also taught us a lot about our surrounding water flow.  In hopes of being able to open more quickly and with less damage, we have a large to-do list.  A Thursday early dismissal and closure on Friday allows our teachers to enact both professional AND personal plans.  When we met as a staff at 7:30 this morning, we decided that we would rather do all this prep work and the hurricane miss us, than chance an evacuation order over the weekend leaving the classrooms unprotected.  Tomorrow’s dismissal time is subject to change based on newer information.  A resulting change would mean an earlier dismissal, not later.  Be sure to check your emails often.

We hope that everyone remains safe over the course of Hurricane Irma and any severe weather associated with the storm.  SPMA will continue to provide weather and school alerts/announcements in the coming days.

If you have questions or are in need of resources, please don’t hesitate to ask.



Head of School