Jan 11

Featured Student: Phillip Evans

Featured Student

Sea Pines Montessori Academy Student Perspective

Phillip Evans, Middle School Graduate

A Parent’s Perspective

Dr. Jocelyn Evans, Phillip’s mother

As a mom I feel as if Phillip became a Montessorian the day he was born. 18 months old through 8th grade, and if I had it my way he would go to Montessori College and Life thereafter.

One of the greatest qualities that comes from a Montessori education is an inherent desire to learn. Phillip loves to learn on his own, as manifested by his reading a book a week on history, economics and political science.

The encouraging, non competitive environment engenders intellectual curiosity. Spma set him on a positive course to thrive in a public high school. He has repeatedly expressed gratitude at the myriad ways in which SPMA prepared him well by fostering his interest at a young age for the Constitution while exposing him to Model UN in middle school. He continues to participate in the Montessori Model UN in NY as a Dais, as well as the Hilton Head High School Model UN in Atlanta.

It is a joy to reflect on my days as an Spma mom. The teachers care, the parents are involved, and I miss having you guys take him out of his car seat so he can enter “THE HAPPY ZONE”. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to shed light on all the “goodness” that pervades SPMA.

Nov 24

12/4 Candlelit Concert, Dinner, & Auction

Candlelit-ConcertPlease join us Thursday, December 4th, for SPMA’s annual Candlelit Concert, Dinner, and Auction.

The children will be gathering on the green to perform. The performance will begin at 5:30pm, followed by dinner. Afterwards, the Silent Auction will be open until 9:00pm. Childcare is provided.

Join us as we celebrate our Sea Pines Montessori family and all that we have to be grateful for!

Reservations required.

No cost to attend, but donations are accepted. Thank you!


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