News for Week 3!

Aug 26


The first Sweet Feet class begins on September 6!  This is an opportunity for our young students to work with the great coaches from Storm Academy.  Contact Mrs. Harris to complete registration.  chrisharris [at] spma[dot]com


Suzuki Piano and Violin lesson times were sent home this week.  First classes begin next week, including the Pre-Twinkle class!  Guitar lesson times will be posted shortly.  To inquire about a class, contact Mrs. Thomas. Wait lists will be starting.


We are so happy to see our students arriving on time!  Arriving on time means that each student can start his/her day “on the right foot.”  This includes feeling relaxed and not rushed, participating in independent steps of his/her morning routine, having limited distractions when beginning work, and being able to maximize time in the classroom.  Some enrichment classes begin in the morning- don’t miss out!

Upper School: 8:00-8:15 am arrival        Lower School: 8:15-8:30 am arrival