Middle School


Spark Your Childs Curiosity, Creativity, and Intelligence

A child's emerging powers of reasoning and imagination, aided by advanced learning techniques, lead them into abstract thinking during this period of development.

For children aged 12 to 14 years of age, the Middle School Program offers far more than the usual goals of skill development and knowledge acquisition. Here, we cater to the development of the whole child by introducing a sense of stewardship and community into the curriculum.

Your Child Learns About the World - Not Their Environment

The Montessori Elementary curriculum is carefully structured and sequenced. Teachers use an online tracking system. This allows teachers to maintain educational objectives of the course of study for each area or subject within the classroom, and keep a record of which skills each child has accomplished. Each student’s progress is recorded individually.

The Montessori Learning Environment

School begins at 8:15am and ends at 3:00pm. In the Middle School classroom, mornings are devoted to self-directed, independent learning and small group lessons. Children know what their teacher expects of them and, with self-discipline, return to their most recent lessons in progress. Teachers move about the room to assist and reinforce learning as students follow their natural pace of development.

Athletics, music, arts, and daily fitness are important parts of the curriculum.

We are an accredited school, and credits transfer even though there is no "traditional" grading scale. ​

The Experience

Students may work independently, in collaboration with others, or be taught in small groups. Afternoons involve silent reading, classroom lessons in broad subject areas, and enrichment subjects.

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    Exploring the World and Discovering Unique Solutions to Problems is Strongly Encouraged and Nurtured. 

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    Growing Through Curiosity is Fundamental to the Montessori Method

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    We Encourage Curiosity About the World Around You. Your Child Will Never Be Told "That is How it Is" 

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    We Built SPMA to Provide a Stimulating and Creative Environment for All Students that Drives Innovation