SPMA Cross Country

Aug 31

IMG_1758 Congratulations to the SPMA Cross Country team!  The team, led by Coach Ben and Coach Kelly, have been hard at work.  Though they had a long wait in the heat this afternoon, 5 runners completed the 5K course in under 30 minutes.

Kudos to Bobby Gossett, Ellie Gossett, Jeep Patrick, Logan Tomlinson, and Sophie Tomlinson for competing.

IMG_1764  IMG_1763  IMG_1765  IMG_1769IMG_1767

They were joined by their teammates, Anna Armistead, Joey Baird, Tevi Mullen, and Colton Roberts, who cheered them on!  We look forward to all 9 running together soon!  The race schedule will be posted next week so that everyone can come out to see the team work on their PERSONAL BESTS!

If your Upper School student is interested in joining Cross Country (3rd and up) or Running Club, please direct your inquiries to Coach Ben: benkozik [at] spma[dot]com