Week of October 22

Oct 22

We are so excited to present Disney’s The Lion King Jr. on March 1!  We’ll be looking for volunteers in the coming months through PTO meetings, on the bulletin board, and by email.

Box tops are due this Friday!  Help the PTO earn money by returning these to the basket in the lobby.  For questions or to return a membership form, email pto@spma.com

Congratulations to the 7th graders!  Every student was chosen to participate in the town’s Student Government Day next month composing 35% of all selected students for the event!  Way to go!

Reminder: Ballerinas in this year’s Nutcracker (email was sent last week) should come to school this Wednesday dressed in their practice clothes (including slippers) for a group photo.  A change of clothes should also be sent.


The season of everything contagious is upon us.  Forget Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and all other holidays of light- the time for colds, strep, flu, walking pneumonia, and other icky viruses is NOW!  😉

With that in mind, please think about the following [and smile just a little]:

  • A change in behavior is typically the first sign of illness.  Even if your child does not have a fever, he will not get anything accomplished sleeping in the beanbag chair at school.
  • Tylenol first thing in the morning is just a band aid.  If your child has a low grade fever when he wakes up, giving him Tylenol is a temporary fix.  The fever usually returns, and the probability of spreading something contagious at school returns, too.
  • No one enjoys throwing up at school while their class of 20 stares at them.  If your child has vomited, he can not return within a 24 hour period.
  • We teach the children to cough and sneeze into their elbow area, not their hands.  Please help us by encouraging this at home.  Covering mouths with hands just turns hands into germy weapons of mass destruction.
  • Allow your child time to rest and recover.  We have all had times when regardless of how awful we’ve felt, we’ve had to go to work, plan a party, cook dinner and do laundry, leaving us exhausted and drained.  Our children don’t have those demands yet, so let’s give them and their bodies a break.
  • Notify us if you have received a positive test result for a communicable disease.  If school is in session and the incubation period is present, we do notify affected classrooms.

We truly appreciate your support in keeping everyone healthy.  Children wash their hands throughout the morning, and tables, handles, works, etc. are disinfected daily.   We also request that visiting adults wash their hands or use the hand sanitizer by the front door prior to entering the lobby.  Thank you!